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About Eric Beck

Eric Beck has been involved in the soccer arena for over 50 years. In 2010 he was inducted into the USASA National Soccer Hall-of-Fame and was previously honored as a member of the USASA Region IV (West) Hall-of-Fame. In 2016 he received the USASA Region IV Life Time Acheivement Award.

Eric Beck was born in Long Eaton, England in 1949 the youngest of 14 children. Following high school he joined the English Army. One of his later assignments was as part of the English Army Basketball team which embarked on a tour in North Africa. They were victorious in each game. Eric and his team wanted to explore their love for the sport. A U.S. Aircraft carrier was in port at Tobruk Libya and they decided to arrange a game. After 6 years in the Army and at the age of 25, Eric moved to America residing in Portland, Oregon. He quickly met his wife Beverly with whom he recently celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary. He has two daughters, Rachel and Alissa, and a son Kyle. He has been blessed with 7 grandchildren. Rachel, the mother of Laura, Hannah, and Jake and Alissa with Olivia, Gavin, Liam and Amelia. In addition to Eric’s love of for his family and soccer, he finds much pleasure in singing. He has played at various local pubs and parties in addition to performing with his daughter Alissa in Krayon Kids, a children’s Musical Theater Company. Eric has utilized his many gifts and recorded the current the theme song of the Portland Timbers professional soccer team. The record “Green is the Color” has enjoyed strong regional sales and even some airplay.

Eric started his soccer career at the age of 4 years old but was forced to quit playing due to knee problems at the age of 29. Following a second back surgery, he was told “you should never run again”. Eric continued to follow his passion, redoubling his efforts and became a national referee. He has refereed at the highest levels available and has gradually transitioned to more administrative and assigning duties. He performs these tasks for various youth and adult leagues, tournaments and indoor/outdoor centers.

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