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We welcome new people to become part of our association. Because most of the games we service are adult games we require all our referees to be 17 or older. Most of our referees started by being USSF registered referees and have taken the USSF training course and refereed several outdoor games before coming to us. This is highly recommended, but we have also seen successful referees with indoor/futsal playing experience. If you are both an experienced outdoor referee and have played the indoor game we would love to have you join us, however, neither of those things is required. As long as you are over 17 and want to learn about the indoor and Futsal forms of soccer you are welcome to become a member of our association.

1. Here are the steps to become a part of our association.

They must be done in the order noted.You must create a Payment Center Account on Horizon web ref – the instructions are here

There is a one-time fee that you must pay to set up an account. As long as you do at least one game per year that is paid through HorizonWebRef your payment center account remains active and you have no additional fees.

You will then need to add a bank account to your HorizonWebRef – which will require your bank name and your online login credentials - Login/password (for your bank). This will instantly connect your account. No, I can’t take any money out of your account. Here is information on adding an account

To get paid for any game, you must get this taken care of. I’m sorry about the fee, but I’m paying all the other fees associated with this website.except the .95 transaction fee for each payment made. I hope you’ll see that that this is reasonable. You will have all your payment records in one place for accounting and tax information as needed. As soon as possible, set up your payment center account on HorizonWebRef.

2. How to Register for and use a Horizon Web Ref Account

To use the assigning website Horizon web Ref following the directions below – not only will this be where you will get your assignments once you are fully trained this is also where you will get your training assignments. See instructions below.

Send an email to [email protected] requesting to be added and you will then receive an email from Horizon Web Ref inviting you to join. The email you use for this should be an email address that you check AT LEAST daily.

Each indoor or futsal facility is considered a separate league within Horizon Web Ref. When you log in to Horizon Web Ref for the first time the system will walk you through setting up your profile, including all required items. By default, you are available to work at all of the facilities we service.

3. As an Independent Contractor.

You can sign up for as many or as few facilities as you wish, but the more you are willing to work in, the more likely you are to get games. If you only sign up for one facility, and that facility only has one floor and has games on only a few nights a week, you are not likely to be assigned to many (or any) games at that facility.

You can go to the availability calendar and click on Block venues or block leagues to select any facilities where you don’t want to work. If you are Futsal certified only you can only be assigned to facilities that do Futsal. If you are Indoor certified only you can only be assigned to facilities that do Indoor. If you are certified for both you double your chances of being assigned to more games.

4.Submit your availabilities

Again, from the availability calendar, you may submit your availabilities as far in the future as you wish, but most referees provide availabilities for the next few weeks or months. You will need to keep your availabilities updated regularly. Our referee week is Monday through Sunday with the schedule completed usually a few weeks in advance. The more hours/days you can make yourself available the more likely you are to get (more) games.

5. Register to use the assigning website.

Horizon web Ref following the directions below – not only will this be where you will get your assignments once you are fully trained this is also where you will get your training assignments. See instructions below.

6.Dress Code:

We have the most permissive uniform code of any referee association that we know of and yet some people feel the need to go outside of it. How Are You Being Perceived in the Workplace? It’s really important because people form their judgments of us based on what they see and observe about us in the workplace. Once we are viewed in a negative light, everything we do from that point on will be blown out of proportion or questioned.

That, in a nutshell, is it. Once you are perceived negatively, every little thing becomes bigger.

7.NWISR Uniform Policy.

  1. Commercially manufactured referee shirt of any brand in any color and any sleeve length. In generally good repair (no holes, not severely faded, etc.) You should always have two or three different colors with you in case you conflict with teams.

  2. Shorts or “Sweat” pants—should be solid black or navy blue with little or no decoration or trim of other colors. Can be commercially manufactured referee shorts or pants, but does not need to be.

  3. Black socks, or black with white trim, again, can be but do not need to be actual referee socks.

  4. Black shoes, of any brand, should be shoes that you would allow a player to play in (e.g. not cleats) 5.Logos are fine. 6.NWISR Badge.
  5. Whistle(s) & lanyard
  6. Red, Yellow, & Blue cards – you MUST have a blue card before doing any indoor game.

8. Do on-field training with a senior referee.

Most of our on-field training is done using headsets. When you train with a senior referee/trainer you do not get paid. Referees with a lot of outdoor experience usually only take a few days/nights of training on each type of game, some referees require multiple sessions with senior referees before they are recommended for assignment. You must have the recommendation of at least one senior referee/trainer for each type of game (indoor/Futsal) before you can move on to the next step.**

9. Once you are recommended for an assignment you will be scheduled to do games on your own,

10. Now you are a full-fledged referee for NWISR and a member of our association.

You will use Horizon Web Ref to signal your availability for games and to accept assignments. Once you accept an assignment you are expected to complete those games.

11. Confirm assignments

Horizon Web Ref will notify you (via email/text or both depending on your preferences) when you have been assigned to a game or set of games, you generally have 24 hours to accept or decline the games. You should confirm all games as soon as possible; they are not assigned to you until you have confirmed them.

12. Login regularly

You should regularly check the Northwest Indoor Soccer Referees website for updates. Important notices such as weather-related facility closures will be posted on the top of the home page. You can find forms, rules, and other information on the site. You should also use the site as a pathway to accessing your Horizon Web Ref account.

It is your responsibility to monitor your Horizon Web Ref account for assignments. Ideally, you should log in daily to check for any changes or last-minute assignments. Schedules change often and you may have games added or removed from your schedule. I typically reach out via phone if any changes happen within a few hours of game time, but that is not guaranteed and I will always expect you to check online before going to a facility.

You are strongly encouraged to turn on the Text notification feature of Horizon Web Ref to keep notified of changes to your schedule as much as possible.

13.Facility Information:

The chart below lists each facility that we service and the payments, per team and per game, should be self-explanatory. The per hour is how much you make for each hour you are at the facility (not including the time before your first or after your last game). That is, the amount you make per hour for your block of games, including halftime and between games. The per-minute fee is how much you make at that facility for each minute of game time, this calculation does not include halftime or between games, but only how much you make for the minutes of game time. These fees are the same for youth games and adult games, daytime games, and night time games.

Facility Per team fee Per game fee Per hour fee Per minute fee
Mittleman Jewish CC $11.50 $23 $24.00 $0.45
Portland Indoor $11.50 $23 $24.00 $0.45
Rose City Futsal $12.50 $25 $25.00 $0.42
Salmon Creek Indoor $11.50 $23 $24.00 $0.45
Tualatin Indoor Soccer $12.50 $25 $25.00 $0.45
Troutdale Indoor Soccer $11.50 $23 $24.00 $0.50

For more information, and to see information about what level of games they offer, look at the facility website:

Facility # floor Website
Mittleman Jewish CC 1
Portland Indoor 1 Portland Indoor
Rose City Futsal -Tigard 3
Rose City Futsal 3
Salmon Creek Indoor 2
Tualatin Indoor Soccer 1/2*
Troutdale Indoor Soccer 1